Live Your Life !

17.13 October, 23 2017

End of week of October right now. Jakarta getting dark almost everyday it is because we we're got rainy season. It's gonna make you mood-swing I guessed. ha ha ha. Happy Monday Everyone!

Last year, I'm still fight my way, still looking my direction, still have my fears, my sorrow, my doubts. And now, pretty enough to understand why I have to learn to live to be myself. It's called growing by experiences life. It's lesson life! But However, I'm so grateful everything I have. And make my own life is so wonderful.



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The best way to be happy is to learn to live to be yourself.

~ tytadisty ~

On the beach, it was more than a dream. It was a place where I found myself.

~ tytadisty ~

Life is not about a game. Life is about winning the games.

~ tytadisty ~

Life has taught me to be a better person.

~ tytadisty ~

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