Hi Winter !

Here we go to say welcome December ..

Finally we were end of the year of 2017. I'm sure we had incredible such a journey for a year and we put it bad and good memory, for incredible moment in life. So many experiences about live, life even about love. How could you realized that we never know what's gonna happen, what will be missing, what will be a good at all or what will be gone? Well.. we never know till we get it, until we have been in. That's call 'lesson life'. Am I right ??!

I want to share story about what I traveled. About to meet some clients, make me learning much about what their goals about holiday, about vacation, about traveling, about what their mind to put something to make their trip will be great and never forget it. During the trip, I saw they have different character and of course they have different goals too. Start from they're just chilling typical, party typical, family typical, social life typical and etc. And as travel consultant, I don't mind if they just want to be what they likes.

In Indonesia we don't have a winter because we were tropical. And mostly we got rainy season, like this moment. However, Indonesia is still good choice to get vacation in the end of year 2017. And about the Island, there's still and keep shiny for sure even got rain little bit.

Anyway, I traveled to go Island so far and find new places that I never been in. New experiences, new journey, new trip. But I can say, I was explore Nusa Tenggara especially West Nusa Tenggara. There's so much beautiful places, such a good view, turquoise water, white sands, and many new experiences about the beaches. It's so wonderful trip and I can't stop to explore yet, and I will go there with or without clients to get more and more new places as well. And hopefully for the next, I can share some pictures in waterfall, mountain and any beautiful places. And trying to explore in East Nusa Tenggara many more.

Time is to say, are you ready to get new experiences for next year? here we go guys, Happy New Year 2018 (soon).

And don't forget to take even a short vacation for yourself. That's important to give reward, refresh, happiness in your life!

Happy Holiday Guys ...



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The best way to be happy is to learn to live to be yourself.

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On the beach, it was more than a dream. It was a place where I found myself.

~ tytadisty ~

Life is not about a game. Life is about winning the games.

~ tytadisty ~

Life has taught me to be a better person.

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