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I'm Personal Blogger, Digital Creator, and Entrepreneur of Tytadistytravel. I used my travel experiences to create my own tour and travel service as a professional tour and travel guide and trip planner for small groups who peoples come visiting Indonesia. Since 2012 I started traveling by myself as a solo traveler and having some passions to capture moments related to fashion, culinary and something good vibes for my journey while I'm traveling. I'm working as a travel consultant officially end of March 2017 to organize trips, accommodation, and transportation for people who need my services like business trips, family trips, honeymoon trips or small group for friends who need personal agents. And as a solo traveler, I also give some tips, suggestions or something to do as traveler and choose some places that includes places peoples are often visited for local, tourist and foreigners.

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January - December 2020
Labuan Bajo
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17.13 October, 23 2017

End of week of October right now. Jakarta getting dark almost everyday it is because we we're got rainy season. It's gonna make you mood-swing I guessed. ha ha ha. Happy Monday Everyone!

Last year, I'm still fight my way, still looking my direction...

12.22 PM, October 19 2017

First wanna say, Happy Break Lunch Everyone!

Sudah mau akhir bulan Oktober, rencana trip kemana lagi yah??? Ayo doong yang pengen liburan sama aku, cuss kontak" kita yaaa. (Ini Mbak-nya udah gak betah lagi diJakarta, kakinya pengen injek pasir p...

08.00 PM, October 12, 2017 

Hi, Rainy all day, got mood swing. sembriwiiinggg.. Lazy weekdays. And make me mellow yellow feelin'...

Gak terasa udah masuk pertengahan ocktober. 2 months left to go 2018. Really ??! Belum bisa move on nih. Belum bisa move on dari kemalasan...

First Summer Trip 2017

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."

Itu stunning quotes dari seorang Mae West yang aku baca dari kertas kecil dimeja Sea Circus Bali. Tempat ini memang memiliki ciri khas dan selalu melakukan daya tarik tersendiri. Mulai d...

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The best way to be happy is to learn to live to be yourself.

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On the beach, it was more than a dream. It was a place where I found myself.

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Life is not about a game. Life is about winning the games.

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